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Does your client onboarding help or hinder your growth?

Posted by Morgan Kovel, Product Marketing Specialist on Jan 30, 2020 5:00:00 AM

Your sales team spends a lot of time and resources on landing new clients. After all, clients and candidates are the lifeblood of your staffing firm, right? It’s no surprise you put so much effort into adding to your client list. 

But what happens after you land that new client? 

Chances are, you’ve put a lot of time and resources towards developing and honing a refined candidate onboarding process. After all, happy contractors are more likely to stay on assignment, refer their friends and family, and re-up for another gig. In other words -- they help you increase revenue (and decrease cost). 

If you’re like most staffing firms, though, you haven’t given much thought to your client onboarding process. And guess what? It’s just as, if not more important than candidate onboarding. 

Research shows that clients switch staffing firms for plenty of reasons (including, you guessed it, cost), but about 1/3 of them move due to service issues. Talk about a fixable (and preventable) issue! 

Starting off on the right foot with a solid onboarding program is one MAJOR step toward happier clients who stick with the best (that’s YOU!). 

Yes, you can make client onboarding a priority

I completely understand if right now you’re thinking “Wait, my team is completely maxed out as it is, but now you want me to focus on another time-intensive initiative?”

Well, yes and no. 

Yes, you should absolutely make client onboarding a priority for your staffing firm. But no, you don’t need to take away time and resources from your already-busy team. 

We talk a lot about automation here on the Sense blog, and with good reason: It’s saving our partners a lot of time and resources while helping them see incredible growth and improvements across the board.

In other words, automation is making staffing firms a LOT of money 💰

And automation isn’t just for candidates—from the first touch in the sales process to ongoing communications throughout your relationship, With Sense Journeys your team can create custom workflows to send a variety of personalized, automated messages to your clients. 

But let’s focus on client onboarding for now. 

To send client satisfaction through the roof from Day 1, staffing firms are using Sense Journeys to automate these core sales communication tracks:


It’s safe to say that no one likes paperwork. It’s an annoying necessity at best. Automation makes it easier to get necessary papers signed so that your team can get to work, rather than playing phone or email tag trying to get a return signature. 

To automate this crucial first step in your Client Onboarding Journey, you can schedule your standard paperwork emails (including initial emails and any follow ups) to go out automatically, with links to download, complete and even sign all necessary paperwork online. 

CEO Thanks

In many ways, a genuine thank you can go a long way toward making a client feel valued. This is especially true when it comes from the top. Whether your CEO has been involved in the sales process or not, consider adding a note from your CEO as the next message in your Client Onboarding Journey. 

This is a great opportunity to reiterate your brand values along with that genuine thanks mentioned above. You can also use this opportunity to promote some of your marketing content, like a blog post, case study or podcast, to show your client what’s possible now that you’re working together.

Scheduling kickoff meetings

Your clients chose to work with you because they wanted, and were ready for, results. So when they go from super-excited prospect to client and it takes forever to get started, it can put a real damper on the relationship. Definitely not a good place to start!

Since the first messages in your Client Onboarding Journey have taken care of the loose ends, it’s time to get rolling. Once again, phone and/or email back and forth can really slow things down. Rather than relegating your account managers to phone tag purgatory, set up automated follow-up meeting request messages so that you can get started with strategy and kickoff before the ink is dry. 

Everything you need to create stellar client experiences

Automating core components of client onboarding makes for a seamless transition out of the sales process, and a positive experience for your new, soon-to-be-happy clients! And you’ll prioritize this area without taxing your team. Pretty solid win/win! 👊

With so much technology, innovation and best-practices expertise available today, there are some really compelling opportunities available to improve operations, efficiency and revenue for your staffing firm by improving your client experience. Together with our friends at ClearEdge Marketing we walk through several options that can dramatically impact your staffing firm in this eBook. It’s a free download, so check it out and let us know what you think, or if you have any questions!

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