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Is your interview process leaving clients dazzled?

Posted by Morgan Kovel, Product Marketing Specialist on Feb 21, 2020 6:00:00 AM

Your clients are itching for great talent. They’re ready to have bright new professionals on their teams, like, yesterday. And we know that you’re just as excited as they are—but sometimes, coordinating the nuts and bolts can result in a bit of phone tag, back and forth and, well, delays. 

Not exactly the white glove treatment you hope to deliver for your clients, is it? 

The reality is that phones go to voicemail. Meetings make it difficult to return calls. And inboxes are overflowing. All of which can delay candidate interviews and leave clients frustrated about the inability to quickly find and hire their next great team member. 

You want your clients to be dazzled by your impeccable service as much as they do. So what’s standing in the way? What can help you overcome these common challenges to deliver a truly exceptional experience for your clients?

It comes down to technology and partners.

There is some good news: wowing your clients with an incredible candidate interview process isn’t that hard. You just need the right tools and partners to help you deliver that wow factor (we know you’ve got it in you!). 

Sure, you’re thinking, it’s really not that hard. What does that mean anyway? 

I’m glad you asked. There are two things that are critical to creating an interview experience that dazzles clients: tools and partners. It just so happens that here at Sense, our team is comprised of staffing industry experts who walk you through exactly the steps you need to take. And we’ve developed the technology/tools that enables it all 👍

Good for you (but sad for your competition), the bar for candidate interview experiences has been set very low. That means that with the right technology, communications and processes, you’ll be poised to rise to the top of the pack. 

Introducing: Sense Candidate Interview Journey

By combining our cutting-edge technology with the expertise of our CSMs (customer success managers), we help you build and deploy experiences that dazzle your clients -- without hurting productivity (just the opposite in fact!).

Here are some core areas where your Candidate Interview Journey with Sense will dazzle:

Scheduling interviews

What should be the simplest part of the process can end up being the most complicated. Remember the dreaded and all-too-common phone and email tag I mentioned above? It is endlessly frustrating when it interferes with your ability to actually schedule candidate interviews with your clients! 

Once you’ve got a great candidate or two lined up for your client, and they are bursting at the seams, ready to interview, it’s time to simplify. Rather than leaving a voicemail or sending emails with availability back and forth until you (hopefully) reach an agreed-upon date and time (which can sometimes take weeks!), send an automated notification to the hiring manager to schedule the interview. With Sense, you can automatically send these messages at the right time, and on your clients’ preferred communication platforms (so if you know that Hiring Manager A rarely checks email or takes forever to call back after leaving a voicemail, you may want to send a text instead, for example). 

No ghosting allowed

Priorities change and schedules get busy. There are few things more frustrating for candidates than scheduling an interview and moving around their schedule to make it, only to have the client cancel at the last minute or worst, ghost the candidate altogether. 

This can burn bridges between you and your network and can also frustrate employers who just. need. talent. now. but are so busy they keep missing interviews. 

With Sense Journeys, you can automate reminder SMS messages for clients (and candidates!) that include the date, time and location of their interviews. 

Prevent unnecessary delays

Even the most impressed candidates will go elsewhere if they are forced to wait. And chances are that top candidates are interviewing with the competition anyway. That means time is absolutely of the essence!

But we’re all busy, and sometimes after an interview, that hire moves temporarily to the backburner. It can seem innocent enough -- your clients MEAN to come right back. But it’s not always that simple. And those delays can lead to even bigger delays, which lead to unhappy candidates, unhappy clients and unhappy YOU. 

Rather than try to chase down feedback and keep things moving, your customized Candidate Interview Journey can automatically send a follow-up email to the hiring manager asking for feedback on candidates. You can include a simple survey link with pointed questions to guide the client and make it even easier to provide necessary feedback. This makes life easier for the client while also making him or her feel as if things are moving forward. It also empowers your recruiters to do their jobs more effectively and deliver better results. 

Sounds like a pretty good formula!

There is SO much possibility right now for staffing firms willing to invest in the technology and operations improvements needed to truly dazzle their clients. Together with our friends at ClearEdge Marketing we walk through several client experience opportunities that can dramatically impact your staffing firm in this eBook. It’s a free download, so check it out and let us know what you think, or if you have any questions!

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