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The easiest way you’re (probably) not increasing revenue

Posted by Morgan Kovel, Product Marketing Specialist on Mar 2, 2020 5:00:00 AM

Relationships drive just about everything in staffing. 

You build and nurture relationships with your contractors and candidates (if you’re at the top of the pack, you’re using automation and a spiffy engagement platform to help) so that you can find and place them in amazing jobs. 

And when it comes to your clients, the often lengthy sales process leads to relationships that are built and nurtured over extended lengths of time (sometimes decades). 

Come to think of it, relationships really are the Hallmark card (or TV movie), warm and fuzzy part of staffing. After all, it is the people business, isn’t it? 

Relationships mean revenue

Building and nurturing strong relationships will always be good for retaining business. But, to keep your staffing firm looking and moving forward, you need to grow your business too. 

Are you making the most out of your client relationships to help facilitate that growth? 

Chances are very good that you have a candidate referral program. Just about every staffing firm has one type or another at this point, and they’re often a potent way of expanding your talent pool.

But have you considered building a client referral program? 

Sure, maybe you have the odd conversation with your clients where a thought pops up to send someone your way. But I’m thinking of a real, automated funnel to help facilitate the process of requesting and collecting client referrals. 

You’re a successful staffing firm. You’ve got clients. A client referral program is the low hanging fruit. The easiest way you’re probably not increasing revenue right now.

But that’s an easy fix! 

Max revenue without maxing out your team

When you’re seeing some growth, it can be difficult to dedicate resources to generating even more revenue streams. After all, your team is maxed out. We have conversations with great staffing firms all day, and they all WANT to do more. It’s just a matter of finding the time and resources to get it all done. 

Then we talk to them about Sense Journeys and they get really excited—AND heave a huge sigh of relief.

Because there IS an answer, there IS a way to grow even more. And it doesn’t mean stretching your team past its limit. 

Our Client Referrals Journey is designed to add leads to your sales pipeline >> only bringing in your team member when an actual human is needed. Pretty cool, right? 

Here’s how a Sense Client Referrals Journey can generate leads for your sales team:

Ensure everything is in order first

If your clients are unhappy about anything, asking for a referral could potentially harm the relationship. Forward-thinking staffing firms today are taking a different approach to NPS. Rather than treating feedback as an annual to-do, they are constantly asking for client feedback and calculating their NPS (which, when they partner with Sense, typically tends to go through the roof!). 

When you’re on top of NPS throughout the year, you can better gauge client satisfaction, track improvements over time and know where you’re getting it right (and which clients are ripe for referrals). 

Go in for the “ask”

Your clients are happy, you’re happy. Now it’s time to go in for the big ask. Using our platform, your sales team can automatically trigger an email asking your clients if they’d be willing to advocate for you with other companies that need to hire talent (in other words—every company). 

Your clients are busy, though (I mean, we’re all busy!). And while many clients probably have the best intentions, they may not be able to get to your email right away. Duty calls! 

That doesn’t mean you give up. Once you’ve triggered that initial message, send timed reminders at regular intervals. Sometimes, just staying top of mind can help insert your staffing firm into the conversation the next time your client has coffee or a call with another company. Seriously, it’s that simple. Just ask, and politely remind. Your competition likely isn’t doing this—which means there is a lot of $$$ on the table if you just ask for it.

Since Sense empowers you to automate these messages, your sales team only jumps in when a real-life follow up is needed (in other words, when there’s a potential SALE on the horizon). 

Remember what your mom taught you

There’s a reason your mom made you send out all those thank you cards after your birthday parties as a kid. People notice them. They make people happy and make you look good. 

But yes, they take time. So do phone calls. And while you may still do that, automating a genuine thank you text or email can go a LONG way toward leaving a positive impression with your clients. So once they give you that review, make sure your appreciation is never an afterthought. With Sense Client Referral Journeys, it won’t be.

There is SO much potential in client referrals.

To start tapping into that potential and see how Sense Journeys can empower your staffing firm to deliver a best-in-class client experience, check out this eBook we created with our friends at ClearEdge Marketing. It’s chock full of tips and advice to help you better leverage automation to create stellar client experiences. 

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