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The secret to automation done right for staffing firms

Posted by Katie Rubak, Product Marketing Manager on Mar 10, 2020 5:00:00 AM

Here at Sense, we love digging a little deeper into the technology and trends that forward-thinking staffing firms are leveraging to grow their businesses.

Chief among those technologies and trends right now is automation. At its most basic level, automation saves time and makes your team more productive. Win-Win đź’°

But basic automation has become table stakes in the staffing industry. To dramatically change their businesses, cutting edge firms are turning to strategic automation that leads to real, tangible ROI. 

Using the right technology and strategies, automation can positively influence:

Engagement, retention,  growth, and more!

Why automation works

Engagement and communication are top priorities for forward-thinking staffing firms—and with good reason.

Candidate and contractor engagement are broken. And poor communication is a reputation killer for your firm. In today’s cutthroat recruiting environment, no staffing firm can afford a bad reputation. And retention hits can lead to catastrophic results. 

Enter, automation.

Automation puts consistent communication and engagement in place throughout your entire talent lifecycle (including months after a placement has ended). It prioritizes the type of engagement your talent wants and needs without overtaxing your team, ensures you meet talent expectations of a consistent experience and brand message, keeps your recruiters focused on relationship building and creating personalized experiences, and helps you nurture relationships to reduce future recruiting costs.

Whew—that’s a lot, I know! There really is so much potential.

To help you understand and unlock this potential, I recently led a webinar with HealthCare Support’s Lian Perez and Heather Roberts. Together, we examined the 5 secrets to automation done right 👍

I asked Lian and Heather to join me because HealthCare Support has successfully leveraged automation to realize some serious gains. To name a few…

  • 16K emails and text messages delivered
  • 7,500 people reached through Sense automation
  • 42.7% response rate
  • 19.1% click-through rate 

By putting your efforts into five (5) core areas, you can achieve results like these too!

The 5 secrets to automation done right

For those of you who missed the webinar, or are simply looking for a quick recap or rundown, let’s take a look at the 5 secrets to automation done right:

1. Get set up for success

Before leveraging automation, you need to set your strategy. Whenever possible, try to involve your recruiters in this part of the process. They’ll bring much-needed perspective, ask important questions and will offer great advice. And getting their buy-in will be critical to best maximizing your automation ROI.

Some questions to ask or consider when defining your strategy include:

> Where do you want to impact the talent lifecycle?

> How do you want to engage and re-engage candidates?

> What touchpoints matter most?

> What KPIs will determine success?

> What tools and resources do you need?

Use your answers to these questions to determine what needs your attention, and when. Map out next steps and ensure every stakeholder understands their part in the process.

2. Right time, right channel

The best of intentions can go to waste if you’re not sending messages at the right times, and on the right channels. This is where your biggest technology investment comes into play. Yes, your ATS plays a critical role in successfully leveraging automation. 

ATS integration enables real-time outreach to candidates using their preferred communication channels. For example, Sense integrates with key ATSs like Bullhorn, eRecruit, JobDiva, Avionte, TempWorks, Salesforce, Bond Adapt and more. 

Automation allows you to leverage event-triggered communication across preferred channels -- today, that’s primarily text and email -- to optimize candidate and contractor response rates. 

And the power of Sense and other automation technology is that it can be changed in real time. Robust analytics show you what is getting the most, best response from candidates. Know what’s working, what’s not, and make updates or do A/B testing to maximize results.

3. Craft compelling content

This one should probably go without saying, but it’s an all-too-common trap for businesses in any industry: they write the content THEY want to share rather than what their customers (in other words, your talent or prospects) WANT or NEED.

“Think like your talent” is a great piece of advice. Your recruiters can provide some especially helpful and important input here, and they’ll be the first ones to share feedback as messages get out. It only makes sense, since they’re meeting with and talking to candidates all day!

Your content strategy should include a mix of valuable, interesting and even some entertaining pieces. Simple is best wherever possible—especially in texts. No one wants to get a thumb cramp from endless scrolling!

As I mentioned above, test your open and response rates, and don’t be afraid to play around with different styles or messages to find what gets the most positive reaction from your talent. 

4. Don’t forget the human touch

This is a big one => Automation isn’t a replacement for your recruiters. Automation should NOT replace human interaction. Rather, it enhances it, and even facilitates MORE human connection by removing the redundant or unnecessary. 

To keep the human touch in your automated messaging be sure that all messages come from an actual person, not a generic email address or sender. It’s also critical to ensure your recruiters are informed and ready to field responses from candidates (both currently active and those recently engaged!).

5. Ensure a continuous feedback loop

We all love to know that our opinions are heard. This is especially true for talent, who may have been treated poorly by a recruiter or staffing firm in the past. No matter where they are in the talent lifecycle, automation ensures that the ball is never dropped and your talent is heard.

Nurturing a continuous feedback loop also allows your staffing firm to:

> Better inform your clients. Candidate feedback is critical to their ability to attract top talent down the line, and is a value add from your staffing firm. 

> Calculate true NPS. Instead of annual NPS scores, automation empowers you to calculate your NPS in real time.

> Resolve issues quickly. Gathering continuous feedback means that your staffing firm can pivot or repair an issue before it negatively affects recruiting and retention.

Ultimately, this means stronger relationships with both your clients and your candidates. And that’s a win for everybody. 

How could automation deliver better results for YOUR staffing firm? 

Here at Sense, our platform was designed specifically for staffing firms. Our team of industry experts understands your goals, frustrations and challenges, and will help you best leverage Sense technology to reach and exceed your goals. To learn more and see how Sense can help you, schedule a demo today. 

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